I'm Pouya Hosseinzadeh

Product Designer &
3D Visualization Artist

Over the last 5 years that I have worked as a Professional Freelance Product Designer, I have worked for hundreds of clients of varying business needs for designing, developing, and facilitating the production of a variety of consumer goods and finalizing designs based on cost targets, material quality, legal requirements, and brand guidelines. I have been able to offer them the correct amount of creativity along with technical functionality so that they have the right way for their products and various other needs.



I create unique products by combining design and development, while keeping my focus. I specialize in these fields:


Concept Development

Research and Brainstorming
Idea and Concept Generation
2D Digital Sketching and Rendering


CAD Design and Modeling

Concept Optimisation
Aesthetics and Styling
Ergonomics Study


Functionality Design

Product Development
Simulation & Analysis
Production Planning


Prototype and Test

Rapid Prototyping
High-Fidelity Mock-up
Low-Volume Production


Product Visualisation

Product and Jewelry Rendering
3D Animations and Teaser
VR, AR, XR, MR and 360° Videos


Brand Identity Design

Product Packaging
Product Catalogs and Brochures
Logo Design and Illustrations

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With over ten year experience in companies and freelancing, I keep looking forward to advance in a new project.

Oct 2009 – Nov 2014
Pouya Sanaat Mechanical Designer
Mold Designer
Nov 2014 – Apr 2016
Asil Jewelry Jewelry Designer
3D Visualizer
Oct 2009 - Present
Freelance Product Designer
Product Designer
Sep 2016 - Jun 2017
Sobh Parlar Asia Industrial Designer
Graphic Designer

Over the last years that I have worked as a Freelance Product Designer,
I gained a lot of experience in various fields from sign to marketing.
Curious about my work experience in various fields?

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The foundation of all the work I deliver can be found in three main principles.

  • Combined knowledge
    mutual trust

    I trust in my clients’ knowledge about their branch. In return, I ask them to trust in my experience.

  • High quality
    reasonable costs

    Every little detail matters when you create a high-end website. Taking everything into account takes time.

  • Keeping focus
    sharing expertise

    I prefer to do what I do best. That’s why I work with a network of professionals for anything outside my focus.


I'm proud that some of my designs have received recognition with Industrial and Product Design Awards.

    • Budapest, Hungary Best of the Best, Top Design Winner - European Product Design Award 2020
    • California, USA 1st Place, Grand Prize - Keyshot Rendering Competition 2020
    • Como, Italy 2nd place, Silver Award - A'Design Awards 2019
    • Tehran, Iran 1st Place, Gold Award - idiran Award 2018
    • Los Angles, USA 3rd place, Bronze Prize - IDA Design Awards 2018
    • Los Angles, USA 3rd place, Bronze Prize - IDA Design Awards 2018
    • California, USA 1st Place, Grand Prize - Keyshot Rendering Competition 2017
    • Tehran, Iran 2nd Place, Silver Award - idiran Award 2016
    • Sao Paulo, Brazil Diploma of Honor - 43rd Worldskills competition 2015
    • Boston, USA 3rd place, Gold Medals - GRABCAD Golden Gear Award 2015
    • Tehran, Iran 1st Place, Gold Medalist - 15th Iranskills Competitions 2015
    • Mazandaran, Iran 1st Place, Gold Prize - Urban furniture design Award 2015

Working for

I have worked on various amazing projects in a team or as a freelancer. These companies trusted in my expertise.

  • Wilmax
  • MirzaMind
  • Oreous
  • Parlar
  • Matz Rubber
  • ZibasaziTabriz
  • TehranAutoClinic
  • Elevia
  • Bozorgi
  • SarveToy
  • ThisCleans
  • FLX Bike
  • Toranj
  • Dogaah
  • Ghanbari
  • Qermezi
  • Hemmati Jewelry
  • Fartaak Jewelry

Let's build something awesome together!

I am ready to share with you my design vision and
load you into the exciting world of creativity