Self Medicine Face Mask

Hoito – Self Medicine Face Mask

The Hoito can be used for all patients with respiratory diseases or workers who work in polluted and dangerous environments and are required to wear a mask during work and at the same time they have to take medication every few hours.

Research Abstract

Though wearing a mask is one of the most important things you can do to prevent coronavirus infection, there are many reasons which wearing a mask can indeed be annoying and uncomfortable, and for some people, the experience is beyond bothersome. 
There are some reports from medical professionals that show wearing a mask has become very difficult and impossible for people who work outdoors and they have to take medicines frequently at a specific time of the day because of their diseases such as asthma, heart disease, colds, headaches, etc.​​​​​​​ As one Twitter user with “Cardiovascular Disease” wrote in a post, the condition makes it “extremely hard to breathe when wearing the mask and even using daily medicine is becoming so difficult for me and for all those who are in such a situation”
Hoito Face Mask
The Hoito means Self-Cure in Finnish which has taken a unique approach with its concept, not only prevents the transmission of harmful gases, viruses, and infections to the respiratory tract but also using the intelligent mechanism of the medication spray system, which allows the people who need to receive their medicine dose at a specific time without the hand contact. With the help of the Hoito software at the specified hours, the medicinal liquid is sprayed from the cartridge on the final filter layer and mixed with the clean air passed through 5 layers of activated carbon and electrostatic filter.
The Hoito can be used for all patients with respiratory diseases or workers who work in polluted and dangerous environments and are required to wear a mask during work and at the same time have to take medication every few hours. Also for timely use of medication for children when they are away from parents or the elderly who need to be reminded when to take medication.
The face masks are often characterized by their disposable or uncomfortable design, so the Hoito has been created as a comfort-focused alternative to fight diseases in the time of coronavirus and after many types of researches, it seems diseases like asthma can be controlled.
– Control your diseases
– Evaluate your breath performances in real-time
– Analysis of the evolution of your performance

The Hoito Face Mask has an adjustable strap that can be set to the perfect level for any person to enable consumers to set in to fast, easy, effortless, and precise fit along with a cushion that is placed inside part, it brings a feeling of comfort to the user.

The Hoito Mask utilizes replaceable filters instead of needing to be completely replaced the main mask after each use that will deliver between 200-250 hours of filtering power to eliminate the need for disposable alternatives, which makes it a cost-effective and all Eco-Friendly option for consumers to don and it will go to work keeping particles at bay thanks to a five-layer filter. This will enable 98% of 0.2 µ airborne particles, bacteria, pollution, harmful gases such as NOx, CO2, CH4, O3, H2S, CO, and other contaminants are captured to allow for a clean, fresh air breathing experience to provide enhanced peace of mind for wearers.

The Hoito has a form-fitting and structured design to sit ergonomically and snugly fit on the face for long-term wear with precision along with a medical-grade silicone cushion on the lining that promises a secure seal against the skin and it will also work to prevent eyewear from fogging up thanks to its tightly sealed design to keep wearers feeling even more comfortable.

This mask is also set up with smart features so that it can be paired and connected to a smartphone using Hoito Mask Software along with the type of your choice between ordinary Air Filters, Anti-Virus filter, Disease-Filter based on the user disease, and other filters and indicate when the filters need replacing or closed whenever the respirator is not being worn to further extend the filter’s life. These integrated filter cartridges are available separately and can be easily provided to the user.

The Hoito Face Mask comes in several color options and features a structured design that covers almost everyone’s favorite style. This will allow the mask to be the perfect appearance, everyday wear while also adding a touch of futuristic style to an outfit.

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